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"My eyes always look red and all girls think I am an alcoholic!" My budding millionaire friend, once confided in me. 

I come home from overtime duty, but my wife is always suspicious with my red eyes. She thinks I booze.

I have a bad cold. My eyes are red.

Common causes of Red Eye are -

Eye strain


Reflex Eye irritation as with common cold. Eye may also get red with exposure to strong winds or bright light.

Dry eye

Conjunctivitis or Pink eye
Pterygium: Eye is neither sticky, nor watery. But, "something red growing in the eye".
Scleritis and Episcleritis

Scleritis is the inflammation of the white of the eye or the sclera. It is a rare disease. Scleritis can occur in association with Rheumatoid Arthritis, SLE etc. There is a violet-red swollen patch and dull eye pain. Steroid eye drops are given to relieve the condition.

Episcleritis is appears as a reddish, minimally painful nodule. It usually goes off on its own in 3-4 days, but can recur again. 



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